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Xx - Emy Dyer

NGL — I’m like a dream-come-true design bestie for rad AF business rockstars who want to break the mold in their industry. I slayyy my clients visions to life and don’t stop until it’s perfected. Because baddies always have each others backs, ya feel me?

Using my 10+ years of experience in the industry I have literally helped my clients reach 5, 6, 7, (and even 8-figure) incomes by utilizing my designs in their brand in some form; branding, merch, web design, collateral, etc. Numbers don’t lie friends. Picture me as the missing piece between your potential customers/clients and your awesome products/services, sprinkling my magic touch on your biz to match the times (or be ahead of them.)

Apart from 1:1 client work I also serve over 550+ students in my online courses and I am a part-time digital advertising and design college professor at Grand Canyon University. I live for this $h!t... for real. You can trust me, k? promise.

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I design clothes

I design clothes

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